Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting organised

I have to work this week, four full days. I know that probably doesn't sound like a stretch but for me it means I have to throw a few more balls in the air and make sure the week runs smoothly. I thought I'd share an insight into the level of organisation it takes just so that I can work this week.

I've already spent about an hour and half ironing. I used to be a committed non-ironer but with school uniforms, work uniforms and my work outfits to iron I've had to pull the iron out more and more this year. So far I've washed, ironed, folded and hung every item of school clothing my son owns. This means that I won't have to wash or iron anything through the week. It also means that he won't have to scrounge through the dirty washing pile on Friday looking for socks to wear. (Of course this never happens at OUR house it's just something I've heard about.....)

I've also ironed five work shirts for The Gas Man (who is working today on a Public Holiday so needs five sets for the week.) Once all that was done I was able to iron my own clothes so I have four washed and ironed pairs of pants to wear this week.

When I work I often don't get home until around 6pm. This means that we are often really pushed for time at night and end up making poor food choices. This week I've made a casserole which is in the freezer and I'm also double cooking tonight so that we have a second meal frozen and ready to re-heat through the week. The other two days we will be eating slow cooked meals. I'm so glad I planned this this week as I feel like a really bad mum if the family doesn't eat a lot of veggies through the week.

Teaching prep
Because I teach for a living (adults not kids thank goodness) I have to prepare my lessons. Four full days teaching means lots of lessons, so today I'm putting aside some time to read and prep my classes. Thankfully it's all content I've taught before so the task won't be that onerous. I will admit to sometimes not planning my classes and it just makes life so much easier for me if I've planned out what we will be doing.

Each week we have two sets of swimming lessons, one soccer practice, one soccer game and a netball game to prepare for. I have this preparation down to a fine art though, which makes it so much easier to get everyone out of the door on time, in appropriate clothing. I have one large bag which fits all our swimming gear. I add two clean, dry towels each week and then pop the bag back in the cupboard. This means that every time one child has swimming we can just grab the bag and go. Very easy.

I use a similar process for soccer and netball but these items are packed away into our dressing room in between uses. I always make sure I wash and hang the outfits together on the line (ie. soccer shirt, pants, socks) so that I can take them off together and put them away. This is great as it eliminates the frustration of trying to find one sock or a missing pair of pants.

To sort out Big Boy's school week I make sure I pack his lunch the night before. This weekend I've washed and put away all his tupperware boxes which means I will have ready access to them through the week. I've toyed with the idea of freezing five sandwiches each weekend but I'm not sure they would be nice enough to eat the next day if I did that.

School preparation also hinges around making sure we have enough fruit for the week and that shoes are cleaned and polished. Finally I have to make a note in his communication book to let the teacher know that he will be attending OSHC this week.

As I am the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) here at the house I also have to make sure everyone has money for the week. I spent a lot of time on Friday paying all our bills and I have already taken out money for our sport activities so that it is set aside and we don't have to go to the ATM (and pay $2 for the privilege) on the way. Big Boy needs money for a free dress day this week so I'll grab $2 in a minute and put it in his bag ready to go. I've also ensured I have money in an account to pay for my parking this week.

So that's about it. I'm doing a few more things today as well to get ready for the week but they are more mundane and not very interesting. I am also going to bake something for a party at work on Tuesday, take the kids to the park and sort out some admin tasks for The Gas Man's business.

So there you have it- just what it really takes for a working mum to go to work. Roll on the weekend.....


Kyandra said...

Hi there, I must say I had a little giggle after reading your was a bit like welcome to my life!!!! You could have been writing about me:) I am a teacher too and know how much goes into organising a week just to get to work. My girls are a little older now..teenages things are a little easier. Well done on being so organised..It's the only way to survive. Hope you have a rewarding week. Kym X

Lauren said...

Wow, you sound so organised! Thank God I get to stay home! Much easier!

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