Monday, May 10, 2010

My birthday in pictures

Every year my birthday passes and a few days later I have no idea how I spent it. This year I decided to record the weekend in pictures so that next year I can remember what we did.

The weekend started at The Big Boy's school fete. Rides, junk food and fireworks ensued. Tiny Girl was particularly taken with the slide, meaning I had to climb the stairs with her in my arms over and over again. (I secretly loved every minute of it.)

Saturday (my birthday) was filled with the usual Soccer routine and then my birthday celebrations. Big Boy wanted to host a party for me so he purchased pirate decorations as he knew I would love (!) them. We took them to our favourite local cafe for dinner and they kindly let us use them. I'm sure it saved them on washing up, which has to be a bonus at the end of a long day.

Future Socceroo

Arrrhh me hearties...

The Gas Man outdid himself sneaking this cake into the cafe a few hours before we arrived and the owners helped us sing Happy Birthday (I say 'us' as I chimed in, forgetting for a moment that it was actually my birthday).

Sunday was Mother's Day and I was presented with this gorgeous card made with love by Big Boy. On the back it says 'my mum is special because she looks after me and gives me treats.'

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brismod said...

Happy Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had fun.

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