Friday, May 14, 2010

Hard day

Last year when Big Boy was in Prep he purchased a few hermit crabs which lived in the tank at school during term time.  Over the holidays one of the crabs passed away and we had to break the news to the class when school resumed. That afternoon Big Boy was carrying a 'creation' - a cuppa soup box with paddle pop sticks sticking out the sides. When I asked what it was Big Boy replied that his little friend had made him a hermit crab to replace the one that had died. So instead of breaking the creation up and sneaking it into the recycling bin with all the other school creations, I kept this lovely gift and it sits on my shelf as a reminder of just how kind that child was to my son.

Last night the parents of Big Boy's kind, compassionate friend had to turn off his life support. 


brismod said...

Oh no. That is so sad. I hope you are all okay. Extra hugs xx Anita

brismod said...
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A-M said...

OMG how devastating... I have goosebumps... those poor, poor people. I am so sorry. The little boy sounds like he was an angel on this earth, making the little crab for your boy. Oh my heart is breaking for them and I don't even know them. A-M xx

Lou said...

Thanks ladies. He truly was so special and it's a devastating day. More so for us as parents than the little kids thankfully.

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