Friday, April 30, 2010

The knee bone's connected to the ....

You may remember this entry from a little while ago and perhaps have been wondering what happened in the end? Well here's an update.

I ended up (much to the embarrassment of my family) taking the bones and bullet to the local police station. They  were received with interest and a raised eyebrow or two and since dropping them off I've heard nothing back. My guess is that they either haven't been 'processed' yet or the bones proved to be animal bones.

However what should Big Boy nonchalantly hand me this week but a very well-preserved vertebrae! Of course this led to more digging and we unearthed quite a few bones along with some rusty bits and pieces and a large rusty knife. I'm not sure what to do with them now. Some of the bones are almost stone like in texture, others are brittle and some look like pieces of coal. Judging by their appearance I still feel they are really quite old and I'm wondering whether the museum would be interested in taking a look?


A-M said...

Looks awfully like an old crime scene to me! I'd be pestering those police again! Fascinating! A-M xx

Anonymous said...

the bone you found the first time looks like the sternal end of a rib. hard to tell weather it is human or not. but your new findings don't look human. greetings nm

Anonymous said...

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