Monday, March 1, 2010

Pool and bedroom

Tiny Girl has just given her daddy a present which he is now cleaning up downstairs so I'm hiding and blogging quickly before the dinner, bed, bath routine. Thought I'd share a few pics to show you some progress.

The first pic is of our pool when we first had it installed. We've since had a timber deck added which I'll show you a pic of soon. I was motivated to do this as the pool is currently just about as clean as it has ever been thanks to some serious TLC to remove the algae that was apparently immune to chlorine. Cheeky buggers!

The second pic is Tiny Girl's room, a work in progress but none the less getting there. The horrible aircon will be removed or hidden and we have a set of Holly Hobby curtains to put up which match with the vintage Holly Hobby bedspread you can see in the pic.


Lauren said...

Only one pic is coming up, Lorna.

Not Suize Homemaker said...

Oh and Pool Party at Lorna's house! That looks like it would be brilliant for swimming laps!!

Lou said...

Lauren- I'm struggling with formatting, I'm not sure what happened to the pic. I'd love some help if you are still happy to show me the ropes.

It is brilliant for laps. We can have pool parties and not even need to speak to the attendees there is so much room!

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