Sunday, March 21, 2010

It was meant to be...

Do you ever get the feeling that an item was destined to live in your house? Have you ever arrived at an op-shop at just the right time to pick up the perfect item your house has been missing?  Has anyone ever arrived at your house with a truck full of furniture that they want you to use indefinitely? It's only March and we have already been so blessed with great finds - don't you think that the three items pictured below were $15 well spent?

Here's my latest op-shop find. It couldn't be more perfect for Tiny Girl's room and cost the princely sum of $5. (The wall isn't yellow it just looks yellow in the photo.)

And here's my $10 garage sale chair and free* little chest of drawers.

*Well not entirely free but the person who was minding it for someone else ran out of room, so now we are minding it (for someone we don't know) and I strongly suspect it won't ever be leaving.)

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