Friday, March 5, 2010

Close encounters of the snake kind

About seven years ago when The Gas Man and I first met we purchased a mini-bus. The intention at the time was to fit it out as a motor home and travel around Australia. Needless to say that never happened. However one evening The Gas Man decided to work on the bus sans shoes. The grass had grown long around the bus and he traipsed through the long grass only to feel pressure on his leg. A good hour or so later he walked inside declaring that he thought he had been bitten by a snake. Sure enough there were two large puncture wounds and two trails of now semi-dry blood on his leg. Here's how the conversation went:

TGM: 'I think I got bitten by a snake.'

Me: 'Oh wow (or words to that effect) it looks like it. Did you see it?'

TGM: 'No but I heard it and I felt something hit my leg a while ago.'

Me: 'Do you feel ok?'

TGM: 'Yeah I feel fine.'

Me: 'Oh ok then. What's for dinner?'

Now fast forward to today and if this was to happen you would hope our much older brains would decide to immediately whisk him off to hospital. Got to love 24 year old logic hey.

So yesterday The Gas Man v/s snake story continues. Out working as usual he pulls into an address and jumps out of the truck onto the ground. 'Oh a stick' he thinks then looks down. Not quite a stick though. Yep, he had stepped directly onto a snake. Now if this were me (with my snake phobia and general girly demeanour) I would have screamed and bolted. Not The Gas Man. He stands there in his huge size 13 boots and watches the snake writhe and thrash until it was dead. Did I mention than he had stepped directly onto the snake's head? How was that for fortunate! 

So somewhere in Brisbane someone came home yesterday to find a dead snake in their driveway. Probably they will be forever wondering how in the world that happened. We are just grateful that The Gas Man survived his second close encounter with a snake.

So what kind of snake do YOU think it is? We think it's a brown but my nerves would love to be proved wrong. Someone vote tree snake, please?


Lauren said...

David votes that it's an Eastern Brown. (And we think we know our snakes...)

Kristine said...

Brown Snake here too.... remind me NOT to go through my pumpkin patch tomorrow...

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

I've had a lot of run-in's with snakes and it looks like a brown to me.
I'm in the west where we call them dugites (could be a totally different thing), but originally SA and we had heaps in the barossa like that and they were called brown's.

Glad it didn't get a chance to bite anyone!!

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