Monday, February 22, 2010

View from the kitchen

Choosing windows was just one of the many dramas we encountered during the build of the bottom floor. Because we wanted our new floor to be in keeping with the old upper floor it meant we had to source windows from specialist suppliers, not your average run-of-the mill window company. Of course that means added cost as well.

I had designed our kitchen space to take advantage of the view of the backyard and I really wanted a servery window, though I'm really not sure what I thought I would be serving through it! (I don't serve much any way, let alone through a window.) In the end we compromised and ended up with these windows. I adore looking into the backyard when I'm in the kitchen, even when it is unkempt. I get a great view of the pool and the kids and I love the feeling of being 'in' the garden, whilst also being in the house.

So here's a pic, please excuse as yet un-painted window surrounds and bad photography.

1 comment:

A-M said...

I love windows with lights in them. That was my obsession... my windows. These ones of yours are just beautiful. A-M xx

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